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The Workshop

Movement, Meditation, and Conversations on Aging

We are living in an unprecedented time in human history.  In the blink of an evolutionary eye, our life span is much longer than recent generations and experts agree it is an unparalleled achievement. But longevity can also come at a cost with more people facing chronic degenerative diseases.  During this five-session workshop, participants will review curated readings and videos that offer the latest evidence-based research on the topic of healthy aging.   Each session will include an experiential practice of yoga and reflective meditation, as well as self-reflection exercises and group conversation around the session’s theme.  Join with your fellow workshop friends in this unique learning experience and come ready to explore how you can optimize your chances of staying healthy in your older adult years to honor the precious gift of increased longevity.

About The Workshop

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  1. Articulate new insights about the aging process gained from the readings, videos, and group discussions.

  2. Reflect on how those insights broaden your perspectives of your own aging experience.

  3. Incorporate the principles of optimal aging into a plan to guide you toward becoming your best older adult self.


For more details, you can read the workshop introduction which all participants receive in advance of the program. 



Is this workshop for you?

  • This workshop appeals to learners in the age range of "fifty and above," but all are welcome.

  • No previous yoga experience is required; the yoga will be a gentle practice. However, participants should be able to lay down in a reclining position on the floor (on a yoga mat) and get back up, multiple times during the yoga practice.

  • Participants of all genders and backgrounds are welcome.

For information about how to offer this workshop at your yoga studio or retreat center, please contact Carrie Waller.

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Benefits to You

Upcoming Workshops

Coming to the Long Beach "Y," in January 2024 (more details soon)

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