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News and Updates

Dear Friends,

I’m sharing information about upcoming events you or your friends might be interested in. Thanks for helping spread the word.

April 7, Bloom Yoga Studio, Special yoga class, Meditation in Motion, 6:30 - 8:00p (time could change)

This yoga class and reception is especially (but not exclusively) for participants from the recent “Movement, Meditation and Conversations on Aging” (MMCA) workshop. Registration will be posted soon on Bloom’s website.

April 23 - May 21, Yogaview, Wilmette, Saturdays, 2:00 - 4:00p

I will be offering the “Movement, Meditation and Conversations on Aging” workshop at Yogaview’s Wilmette location. Learn more and register.

June (date TBD), Bloom Yoga Studio, MMCA Book Club

We’ll be launching a book club at Bloom Yoga Studio, called Movement, Meditation and Conversations on Aging Book Club, offered every two months over the course of a year. Early registration will be offered to all who attended the MMCA workshop at Bloom. More information coming soon on Bloom’s website.

Additional resources

March 22, Modern Elder Academy (MEA) Free Online Event

In our recent Bloom MMCA workshop we discussed an organization called the Modern Elder Academy (MEA) that has some good resources for older adults. MEA is offering a free webinar this Tuesday with Mark Nepo and Paula Pretlow on The Power of Reflection in Uncertain Times. I’m a big fan of Mark Nepo (but unfamiliar with Paula Pretlow). You can learn more and register.


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